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Everardo Recendiz
ActionCOACH of Northwest Louisiana
111 Halette Dr
LA, 71115
United States
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On 6-Steps Seminar:

“Fast paced and to the point, made me think and start taking action about my business and life goals” (E. G., Local Retailer)


“Got me started in developing a detailed plan to run my business and hold myself accountable” (C. G., Insurance Professional)


“Sometimes you just need to slow down and look at the big picture a little closer” (D. B., Automotive Services)

"Great presentation, makes you look at you business in a very simple and workable way, I went from a completely frustrated and busy businessman to someone who believes that anything is possible by making slight changes to the way I conduct my business" (T.Q., Roofing Contractor)


On GrowthCLUB:
" Even as a non business owner, I carried away great tips for future business opportunities as well as life plans and goals. I plan to start by applying this first to my home life" (C.R. HVAC Company)

" Thank you for the extra time and patience to pull me through the workshop. I wil continue to train and hone my skills until I am on top of my game" (B.C. HVAC Company)

"I must admit I was hesitant to attend the GrowthCLUB workshop only because of the financial strain. But after attending I found it to be very valuableto help reconnect with my personal & professional goals and realize the importance of writing them down to help me achieve them.  I experienced great "Blinding Flashes of the Obvious", gained insight from other attendees and understood the importance of writing down SMART goals. This will  help me take my business to the next level" (G.H. Marketing Professional).

" Thank you for your help and guidance with my business, I have implemented the plan you helped me develop and you have made me see the importance of writing down a  plan of Action as well as tracking down my deliverables…" (K.M. Card Services)


On 1 on 1 Coaching:

I want to thank you for all your effort and dedication in helping me improve my business. I now know my Avg $$ sale, my break even point and starting to see profits because we have implemented scripts, surveys & referral systems. I have also created and maintained awesome records of my clients and prospects. By creating an USP & guarantte for my services and establishing new marketing strategies I am now receiving more and more calls. And by improving and keeping track of my conversion rates business is going really great! (E.M. – Real Estate Professional)


When I started working with ActionCOACH in Feb 09, I hoped that the process of having a coach would somehow benefit me and my business. After 30 years of successful business, I was frustrated with our inability to grow past 25 people, and develop quality internal management systems.

Our coach has guided us through the processes to bring our Team together internally, and has delivered on every promise he made to me. What I didn’t expect was his ability to keep me focused, and be able to hold me accountable so I was achieving my goals, when in the past, many efforts to make changes internally fizzled or failed.

We are only 4 months into the process, however, I know for sure ActionCOACH has been key in the internal transition of management from myself as owner/Entrepreneur to Team Leader with focus on operations and systems that will allow my Team to move forward without my day to day involvement.  (T. S. – Engineering Consultants)


"Working with you is so rewarding, for so long I have known that I was missing so many important ways of conducting a professional business. Now I know that I am accomplishing these tasks and the future is bright." (R.M. Local Retailer)

“My coach holds me accountable. This forces me out of the “deer in the headlights” syndrome, and requires me to take immediate action on a short-term basis to achieve my goals, not procrastinating and putting things off to later. I’ve hired my coach to be that other face I stare at across the desk, and say “yes I did this” or “no I didn’t”. This spurs me to that next level of action, because I know I’ll have to answer to him.” (B. C. –  Custom Buildings)

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