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Everardo Recendiz
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6 Steps to A Better Business
Learn How to Make More Money, Have More Time!

This seminar is for business looking to mature, that want to learn ways to improve their time, organization and enhance their cash flow.

Here’s what you will learn at this seminar:
       How to build a business that works without you. 

       How to differentiate your business so you don’t have to compete on price. 
       What numbers you need to know to best run your business.
       How to make your cash flow consistent and predictable.
       How to hire the right people.
       How to improve communication among your team.
       How to manage your time better to achieve better results.
       The 5 Ways Formula to grow your profits by 61% in 12 months. 

Upcoming Events:

08/19/2010 – 5:30 pm – Cohabitat Shreveport
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